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Fairview Park memories

Be part of our history, help us to continue documenting the history of Fairview Park.
Share your memories, the historical society will be collecting all memories to be included in the archives
It doesn't need to be fancy, it doesn't need to be long, but please do share.

Need a hint to get you started?  Do any of these places bring back memories?

the old Fairview Park Shopping Center
the old Westgate Shopping Center
Gunselman's Tavern
Jackson's Tavern
Fairview Tavern

The Brave - Mayer Middle School
The Warrior - Fairview High School
Helen's (corner store)
Red Barn
Pierstorf Pharmacy
Greenhouse (across from Westgate)
The Sweet Shop

Franklins Ice Cream
The old Library
Favorite Senior Prank Day
Plane crash at Morton
Nite Site
Summer Programs
Marching Band
Garnet School
Coffinberry School
Gilles-Sweet School
Fairview High School
Fairview Theater
Fairview Bowling Lanes
Gina's Place
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Thank you, your support is greatly appreciated.